Running in the Dark RUNNING IN THE DARK

Self-exiled from Manhattan after a personal tragedy, Abby Markstein takes a teaching job at a small college in the heart of darkest Indiana. While out for a pre-dawn jog, she comes upon a car consumed by flames. The only thing more horrifying than the dead man at the wheel is the live one smiling at her in the livid glow of the fire.

More killings follow, as Abby realizes that somebody is watching her. She’s going to learn more than she wants to know about small-town secrets while coming to grips with her own personal demons.

COLD BLACK EARTH is available from Thomas & Mercer.

ColdBlackEarthIllinois farm girl Rachel Lindstrom joined the State Department to see the world. Now, worn down by service in a war zone and a painful divorce, all she wants is to come home and rest.

At home, however, there is little comfort. Her brother struggles to run the family farm and handle a hell-raising son. Meanwhile, Rachel’s arrival draws a pair of rival suitors: her brother’s handsome friend and a rough-hewn sheriff’s deputy who pined for her in high school.

When a deranged killer escapes from a local prison, the far-flung farmsteads go on high alert—especially when the bodies start turning up. And in a county where the miles outnumber the people, it soon becomes clear that the madman is close behind Rachel.


Dooley’s Back

Originally published in 2002, this novel introduced the Dooley family featured in the prequel Homicide 69.

Dooley’s back in town after eight years in Mexico, and he doesn’t like what he sees. Dooley used to be a cop, but the system failed him; after taking the law into his own hands, Dooley had to take off. Now he wants to come home, but things have changed. Dooley’s old partner Roy has a gambling problem, and a cop with a gambling problem means a cop with a mob problem. Dooley’s going to try to make everything right again, but he’s going to find that playing God is not as easy as it seems.

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Homicide69 cover image

Homicide 69

The Summer of 1969:
Apollo 11, Woodstock.
Vietnam, Chappaquiddick, the Manson murders.
Brian Jones drowned and Joe Namath quit.
The Cubs were riding high and the Mets were playing over their heads.
And a Chicago homicide dick was working the case of his life…

In the long, hot summer of 1969, veteran Chicago homicide detective Mike Dooley catches the brutal murder of a young woman, a former Playboy Bunny and mobster’s girlfriend. Dooley’s dogged suspicion that this is more than a sex killing leads him into the deep waters of mob intrigue and political corruption. As Dooley scans the news for hopeful portents regarding his son Kevin, a Marine in the thick of the fighting in Vietnam, he sees the world changing before his eyes.

Homicide 69 is available as an e-book:

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Cooper on your Kindle!

Sam’s first four novels, featuring Chicago cabbie Cooper MacLeish are available for Kindle and Nook

Cooper on your Kindle!
Sam’s first four novels, featuring Chicago cabbie Cooper MacLeish, a Vietnam vet with a nose for trouble, are now available as e-books on both Kindle and Nook.
These novels, originally published in the early nineties, put Sam on the map as a crime writer.
Now you can get them from Amazon or from Barnes & Noble


Bury It Deep get-whats-coming-nook

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Mob CopMob Cop details the decline of tra­ditional organized crime in the United States, and reveals information about the inner workings of the Outfit that has never been publicly released. Fred Pascente’s col­orful stories of crooked cops and danger­ous criminals make his memoir a matchless tell-all.

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